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I specialize in freelance illustration services and Original Character work
Hello! I am Andava and I have been making Adult illustrations since 2010. I enjoy drawing athletic girls and Original Characters.


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Posted by AndavaArt - April 15th, 2019

CONTACT: andavadoc3@gmail.com

Payment is required to confirm a commission spot. Once your commission is approved I will let you know and then you can send payment. All payment is upfront on the part of the commissioner. I WILL INVOICE YOU.



  • $60 Color Sketched character, simple background
  • +$40 for every additional character or the inclusion of sketchy Background (Plus paypal fees)


CLICK FOR Full Color Clean Lines

  • $100 Full Color of a full body character, clean line work, gradient/one color background
  • +$70 for every additional character or the inclusion of detailed Background (Plus paypal fees)

EXAMPLES HERE  https://www.andavadoc3.com/rates

✦ I am not obligated to accept your commission and have the right to decline. Reasons for declining may be because I already have too much work, or I may not be interested.

✦DO NOT SEND ME A NOVEL OF YOUR CHARACTER’S BIO OR PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION. Please have images of your character or an image compilation describing the character’s appearance. E-mails with no visual reference will be ignored!

Posting Rights: I have the right to post all commissions in my galleries and/or website and use them as advertising for my services.

If you keep submitting the same emails every week I will not accept it. I choose what I want to do. If I didn’t choose that idea it’s because I am not interested in it. (Unless I say otherwise. There are cases I can’t taken them and will say if you want to be on queue for the following week.)


Posted by AndavaArt - February 25th, 2019

STORY WRITTEN BY WILWONT all credit goes to them.



Afternoon at Temple Valley High

Scene opens by the track and field area of Temple Valley High, athletes are leaping over hurdles as a lackadaisical field coach is blowing a whistle at regular intervals. Students lined beside him with clipboards and stopwatches doing most of the work, documenting their classmate’s times. On the grassy field Brianna in her cheerleader outfit can be seen speaking with Liam, a tall a student who has a camera in his hand. They are a away from the rest of Cheer leading team who are stretching and preparing for drills. “So this is for Yearbook, I thought we didn’t have to take photos for that until halfway through the season?” Brianna asked Liam as she texted on her phone without even glancing up at him. He chuckled a bit and did his best to explain, “No this probably won’t go in the yearbook but instead on the school’s website or some pamphlets they’ll pass out at orientations to parents interested in what programs the Athletic Department has for new students.” Brianna glanced up at him, “Do you really need pictures of the whole team or can you just take a few of me and be done with it?” she asked coming off a bit selfish.  

It had been over five minutes and the two kept talking as the rest of the Cheerleader team waited to start drills. Na-Na Kim went through her routine of stretches away from the other Cheerleaders, she was in the middle of performing straddle lifts as her friend Erica in a track uniform jogged up beside Na-Na Kim on the field to catch her breath. Na-Na looked up at Erica to greet her, “Hey, who is that guy Brianna is talking to over there?” Erica stood up straight and brushed her hair back to look over and squinted to see if she recognized who Na-Na Kim was referring to. “Oh yeah, I forget his name but he was on the wrestling team last year- really filled out that singlet better than anyone else if you know what I mean. I heard he ripped some sophomore's pussy over the summer break at the pool” Na-NA Kim reacts to that as Brianna comes back clapping and calling out to make an announcement to the Cheerleaders, “Okay! Heads up Girls! We are going to run through our Basic Drills and then end the day off with something special for our guest here, this is Liam with Yearbook Club. He will be taking photos for the school, don’t get distracted and focus on what I call out. Got it!” Erica waves as she starts to walk off Na-Na Kim gets up and in unison the Cheerleaders all shout out agreeing as they perform numerous jumps and tumbling exercises. Liam stands back a bit taking a few photos but nothing so far really came close to the shot he was looking for. 

The girls took a break and Liam went to shuffle through his pictures, Na-Na Kim walked over to him interested if he had taken any of her with Brianna “Hey there, did you get my good side?” She asked as she approached him from the side and looked down at his camera screen. “Heh, implying you have a bad side? Here what do you think of this one, personally it’s my favorite so far” He said, leaning towards her to show Na-Na a picture of her in the middle of a Pike and Toe Touch Jump. Na-Na nervously laughed and was amazed at the picture, pushing her hair behind her ear to lean in towards Liam and cycle through the pictures he had taken of everyone,” haha that’s cool that you got that, I would love to have that picture if you don’t mind?” She pointed down at a photo that was of Brianna and herself laughing between drills. “Sure thing I’ll be sure to save it and send it to???” Na-Na Kim blanked for a moment before realizing she hadn’t introduced herself, “Oh right, I’m Na-Na Kim!” Brianna called out for the Cheerleaders to assemble as Na-Na smiled at him and ran off, Liam looked back up murmuring to himself “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Na-Na Kim” Before focusing his camera and following slowly behind them. 

Brianna has the girls huddle around as they prepare for a difficult stunt, she coordinates the team while they position themselves with Na-Na Kim performing an elegant shoulder stand with the grace of a dancer. The Cheerleaders squat down and hold the bottom of her planted foot, lifting her up and tossing her high in the air to perform a twist before landing back down as the team cradles her landing. They perform the stunt two more times, becoming more intractate each time Na-Na Kim goes flying up. Liam gets on a knee and starts to photograph but the afternoon sky started to become slightly overcast, blotting out the sun only for a moment that his camera automatically switched to it’s flash setting the moment Na-Na Kim was landing. The flash startled one of the cheerleaders bad enough she lost her footing and missed the opportunity to assist in catching Na-Na Kim, sending Na-Na crashing down forward on top of Liam as he went to go catch her only to have the rest of the team falling after Na-Na and on top of them both.

 Brianna winced watching and dreaded what she already knew what was to happen next, she called out to Erica who at this time was done running and had a clipboard by the unmoving Track Coach. “Ah shit, Coach Mcallister looks like we have an injury on field!” Erica exclaimed as the Coach simply tossed her the keys off his lanyard, Erica looked at them and ran off to go get the Injury Cart. Back over at the pile of cheerleaders, Brianna slowly pulled each member off the other until getting to Na-Na groaning out in pain as she held her ankle. Unfortunately Liam was under her and wincing as he gasped and had his shattered camera lodged in by his ribs while he curled up in pain grasping at his crotch, Brianna looked at the two of them writhing in pain on the grass next to one another “Ah shit, this isn’t good. I'm going to have to call the coach on this, I don’t really know what the protocol is when someone besides Na-Na gets hurt.” She said pulling out her phone as Erica drove up to the incident in an injury cart.

 The Cheerleaders lifted up Na-Na and loaded her into the injury cart as Liam got up feeling nauseous, Brianna told him to get on the cart with Na-Na “Get on there, I am not getting grilled for you getting hurt dude! You two let Erica drive you to the Nurse while I figure out what we need to do besides that” Liam climbed up into the injury cart as Brianna ended practice, sending the Cheerleaders home as she called the coach on her phone. Erica drives off the field and into a nearby parking lot, cutting through the school grounds and towards the nurse’s office before looking over to Na-Na. “What do you think you did now?” Erica asked Na-Na Kim who propped her leg up over the front of the cart’s dash, “Aaah-ngh, feels like a sprain I fell on it really weird when Liam went to catch me” Na-Na Kim replied as Liam groaned in the back, Erica looked over her shoulder and patted his head. “You’re gonna be fine, the hell are you whining about back there anyways Na-Na is like half your size?” Erica snapped back at Liam as he lifted his head up “She landed on my dick” He squeaked back before coughing weakly as Na-Na and looked over at Erica who said under her breath, “Well that’s a shame.”

Erica pulled up by a set of double doors leading inside, Liam limped off the injury cart and went to lift up Na-Na Kim. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they went inside, walking down the hallway until arriving at the nurse’s office. The door was unlocked but no one was there, “Looks like she went home for the day, can you put me on the table behind her desk please Liam?” Na-Na asked politely while pointing at a privacy curtain, Liam placed her down gently “There you go” he groaned out as Na-Na Kim pointed down to a mini fridge “Liam there are baggies on top of that refrigerator that you can get ice out of. Fill us both up a bag” Liam looked dumbfounded at Na-Na for a moment before following her commands, he filled two bags with ice and handed them both to her. Na-Na Kim then placed on bag against Liam’s crotch smiling mischievously, “There you go, let that ice a bit to stop the pain” Liam flinched and grabbed the bag before stepping back and taking a seat in a wheelchair across from the operating table as Na-Na Kim laid back and propped her leg up on her other knee, placing the ice on her swollen ankle. Liam could see her skirt riding up a bit and exposing her panties as Na-Na Kim asked, “ Sorry about your camera ” Liam looked down and forgotten it had been smashed, he popped a compartment on the side and pulled out a memory card. “No worries Na-Na Kim, I still have all the pictures. The school is just out a camera is all” He said smiling widely as he had the ice pinned between his thighs, he put the camera down on the floor beside him and winced a bit holding the ice bag in place. 

“I usually get myself hurt, it’s pretty nice to have someone to suffer with for once haha” Na-Na Kim joked as Liam looked at her almost deadpan and unamused, “This happen to you that often?” She nodded with her head hanging off the edge of the operating table looking at Liam, “ I’ll admit I was surprised you knew where everything was NA-Na Kim, you must know this place inside and out huh?” Na-Na thought to herself a moment, it wasn’t often that she had company and her ankle wasn’t really hurt all that bad. “I do, would you mind grabbing me an ankle brace from the nurse’s desk?” Liam smirked and rolled the wheelchair over by the privacy curtain and looked through the desk, “I don’t see it” he murmured as Na-Na called out “Try by the left drawer, next to the stash of tampons and condoms the nurse keeps for students” Liam’s ears perked up a bit as she said condoms, he found a box for the brace and next to the drawer like Na-Na Kim had said a Halloween bag full of condoms and other nick nacks. Liam stood up and rolled the empty wheelchair back behind the privacy curtain with his ice bag on the seat as he walked back to Na-Na and presented the box of the ankle brace with a condom on top to her. 

Na-NA Kim sat up and focused in on the condom before taking it and the box, lifting her leg up as she faced Liam as she opened the box. Looking up at him standing there “Would you???” She asked holding out the brace, Liam nodded and began to take off her shoe and sock before leaning over her leg to gently place the brace around her foot. “Not too tight?” He asked as he looked up at her while Na-Na blushed a but and nodded with a pleased closed smile, Liam placed her foot back down. Na-Na Kim laid back down looking up at Liam as she reached over and began massaging his crotch, “ How are you holding up, any bruising?” Liam looked down at her leaning his hips into her touch and resting his large hand across her belly softly rubbing it from side to side. “I think I’ll make it but you can take a look just to be sure?” He said as Na-Na Kim eagerly pulled off his belt and buried her hand down the front of his pants, Liam flinched slightly but reacted appropriately as he could feel Na-Na’s grip wrap around his cock. Liam’s hands ran under the top of her uniform as he began fondling her breasts, teasing her(much to his surprise) pierced nipples with his finger tips. Na-Na Kim took out his meaty cock and slid Laim's pants down to his muscular thighs before pulling him by the cock to take the tip into her little wet mouth. 

Liam couldn’t help but moan out as he pushed her uniform up to her collar bone, exposing her little nipples. He sidestepped over to the head of the operating table where Na-Na Kim could hang her head off the edge, similar to how she was before. “Ugh, gawd d-damn~you fucking went at that quick didn’t you?” Liam exclaimed in a huff of pleasure as Na-Na Kim chuckled sticking her tongue all the way out. “Well you too long enough didn’t you?” She teased as Liam held her throat before slowly gliding the hammer like head of his cock between her lips. 

Liam slid his hand down Na-Na Kim’s sexy little slender body and snuck his fingers under her panties, rubbing Na-Na Kim’s smooth pussy lips with his fingertips as she spit up and slobbered around his bell end making wet lewd noises. Na-Na wrapped her arms around his waist, gripping his ass cheeks and guiding Liam's rhythmic pumping to pull him in deeper than he was letting Na-Na have. All that cock and he was only teasing her with a quarter of it, she wanted to see how much she could take of that massive thing. Liam gave into her insistence and forced his cock to bulge from her throat, causing Na-Na Kim to gag and choke up some drool that ran down her cheeks. “Fuck Na-Na, never had such sloppy head before” She looked up at him for a bit taking in what he said “This is the most turned on I’ve been in my life” Liam admitted. 

He pulled back, taking his saliva coated cock from her mouth. Na-Na Kim flipped over on her belly and wiped the drool off her face using it to stroke Liam's cock, pulling him back to her as she lowered her head and eagerly began sucking him off. Stroking what she wasn't comfortable putting in her mouth before working her hand down to his balls, Na-Na Kim looked up at Liam who was going wild from all the attention. Na-Na Kim moaned out happily bobbing her head back and forth rapidly as she took out the condom while slurping against the dick in her mouth. 

Without skipping a beat Liam nodded his head as Na-Na Kim pulled her lips back, making a wet popping noise with her mouth before getting off the table and sitting down in the school's wheelchair. Liam smirked, amused by how sweet and fun she was while in the middle of doing something so lewd. Na-Na Kim placed the condom around the tip of his drool slathered dick and rolled it down his length with excitement 

Liam kneeled down as Na-Na Kim lifted her ass off the seat of the wheelchair, scooting her hips out a bit and sliding her panties down her toned dancer legs. Kissing her scuffed knees softly before working his way up her inner thigh, Na-Na Kim blushed and pushed his head “Stop it, put it in Liam” Na-Na Kim cooed but Liam forced his face between her legs. Spreading her pussy lips with his tongue before plunging it deep inside of her. Na-NaKim’s fingers gripping a fistful of his dark hair as he smothered his face against her pussy, biting her bottom lip as her upper body tensed. Liam wedged his thumb under his nose and began scribbling at her clit furiously while slurping loudly as his tongue scooped back and forth inside of Na-Na Kim. The poor girls eyes went cross as her little body twisted and writhed, her hands clamping down tightly on the armrest of the wheel chair before she finally let out a loud enough moan that Liam's head came back up. His mouth sopping wet as he lifted up her legs and bent his knees enough that his thick length was level with Na-Na Kim’s hips. “Don’t make me wait anymore, put the fucking thing in me already” 

Na-Na Kim spread her pussy lips with both of her hands, panting a bit as Liam prodded her little entrance with his bulbous head. Pushing it a bit only to meet the resistance of her tight little pussy, feeling it finally give and stretch around his girth. The sting of pain tore inside of Na-Na Kim before being overwhelmed of Liam's cock filling her pussy so abruptly, he effortlessly shoved more inside her pussy with the first stroke than he ever could fit into her succulent little mouth. A shocked expression covered her face before melting into one of pure pleasure, her arms wrapping around his broad shoulders as she clung to him. “Argh, you’re so tight” Liam exclaimed as he appeared to be in bliss, slowly rocking his hips back and forth. The wheelchair started to lean back a bit as Liam's strokes began to be longer with some weight behind them, pushing deeper without giving Na-Na Kim much time to brace herself. Na-Na Kim tried to compose herself as Liam was giving her a bit more than she was ready to take at that moment, “Uuugh, alright take it easy Liam” groaning she tried to sit up and push him away.

 Na-Na Kim told him “Off now, wait your not some bull in the pussy shop!” Liam pulled out, the condom almost on the breaking point. Na-Na turned around and placed her knees in the seat while holding onto the back of the chair, she told Liam “Let’s try this, I’ll cum faster” he gripped her ass cheeks firmly. Spreading them apart and exposing her cute little asshole and swollen pussy lips, Na-Na Kim looked back over her shoulder as Liam put the tip of his cock in and out repeatedly inside her pussy before driving it in with one sharp thrust that made Na-Na Kim jump up in the wheelchair.”EEEEEEEOooww!” Liam pushed down on the small of her back as she yelped. Making Na-Na Kim arch her back with a lewd expression as his cock was hitting so deeply and scraping back against her walls roughly. Her pussy was clinging to his every inch and clamping down near the head of his cock so that he couldn't thrust deeper, as if Liam's dick was hitting a wall. He slapped her ass cheek with a deafening clap before prodding Na-Na Kim’s asshole with the tip of his thumb, Na-Na Kim began pushing back just as hard on his cock. “Mhhm awe so that’s your sweet spot?” Liam joked. Jackhammering his hips unmercifully Na-Na Kim reached under her and began rubbing her clit furiously, getting so close. Na-Na Kim bit the back of the wheelchair as her eyes shut tight, giving off a low deep groan with her body tensing up tightly while Liam kept thrusting away. 

Na-Na Kim came hard, creaming against the condom. Leaving a streak down his shaft as her little body went limp and sank down in the chair. Looking up at Liam who leaned over her, holding both of the push handles to steady himself while deeply dipping his hips down still inside of her. “Hah aah uhhmhm~ I’m almost there, you ready?” His forehead was leaking sweat as he stood up and turned the wheel chair around so that Na-Na Kim was facing him, Liam pulled off the condom with a loud pop. Tossing it in the nearby hazardous bin while rapidly jerking himself off in front of Na-Na Kim’s face as she reached out with her delicate hand to cup his round heavy balls, opening her mouth. 

The Nurse’s office door creaks opens as the first stream of cum streaks across Na-Na Kim’s face, another shot spurts out into her open mouth, last streak hitting her chin and staining her uniform. Liam slowly wrings out the last few drops of cum dribbling out as Na-Na Kim looks over to see Brianna videoing the scene on her cell phone in the doorway with Erica up against Brianna teasing herself. Na-Na Kim uses Liam's “Bloodpool from the Crown” shirt to wipe her face as her two friends walk into the nurse’s office giggling, Liam looks over in shock. “We figured since you camera broke you would appreciate a few pictures to put in the yearbook Liam” Erica teased as Liam reached out for the cell phone. “Nuh ah~ah” Brianna warned as she pulled it back still recording, “The way I see it, you'll be getting a new camera from the school soon. Well I have an offer for you” Liam’s senses started to come back to him as Brianna continued, “From now on you take the pictures I tell you to take and the three of us will boost your private portfolio”. Liam could feel Na-Na Kim suckling the last few drops from the tip of his dick as Brianna kept recording. “I mean, I don't see why I can't do that and take pictures for Yearbook. Not that you're giving me much choice here but deal Brianna” The Blonde Cheerleader grinned playfully, her braces shining behind her lips as Erica watched Na-Na play with the cum all over her before closing the nurse's office door behind them and locking it. 




Posted by AndavaArt - January 30th, 2019




Kill for the Cute Boy Shirt was featured in an Alexis Picture a while back.

This was in his alternate design!

Remember if you're a patron you get 20% OFF with a code provided when you become a patron!




Posted by AndavaArt - December 1st, 2018

 As the year draws to a close and I reflect a bit about it, and to put it short. I am grateful. 

This whole year I worked doing art and nothing else. No side gigs like driving long distances to make ends meet at a dead end job. On top of that I was not at a good place in mind and it showed with my output.

This year, all I focused on was doing my work. It was made possible through a lot of your support Patreon and Commissions. That was how I sustained myself and the person I love.

I am thankful and I can’t express it enough to all of you.

However, I am looking to expand ways for support as backups. Merchandise was one avenue, and subscribestar is another is a new thing I started last month.

  I cannot not be to over reliant on patreon, because anything can happen.  That whole tumblr issues with the apple app store only helped but reinforced that I can’t get comfortable.

Well, back to business.

In Patreon and Subcribestar I am going to do 2 polls for this month. 
I will be starting up the draw requests soon too. So be ready to submit those ideas! 

So if you want to be part of that JOIN MY PATREON OR SUBSCRIBESTAR NOW! Don’t miss out!


Posted by AndavaArt - November 22nd, 2018

New here and I want to make this a permanate place.